Sep 18, 2014

D&D Kre-O Figures: Wave 2

I was recently thinking about Lego and Dungeons and Dragons (maybe because of my recent GenCon speech) and remembered that there were supposed to be more waves of the figures from Kre-O.

After a little Google-fu, I came across a few images of the figures, as shown below.

There are definitely a few interesting things I see.


  • The lizardman (back row, left) look interesting (if maybe a bit too much like the Star Trek Gorn). I'll certainly try to pick up a few of these.
  • There appears to be a drow (back row, left of center) with a new hair piece and crossbow.
  • Back middle figure is some kind of succubus, with some unique looking wings. We'll have to see how they stack up to the Brickwarriors wings or Lego wings.
  • Back row, far right, looks to be a wizard/cleric. I like the neck guard and hair piece.
  • The mummy figure (front row, left) is a new figure for the line and is wielding a new weapon.
  • The ghost figure looks great, and it appears he has a spider accessory at his feet. It's possible the spider glows. Definitely want 2+ of this figure


  • The tiefling still has the same awful horn piece. Dear Kre-O, please come up with something better for wave three, or just give up on tieflings.
  • Where are the other classic D&D races, like elf (non-Drow thank you), dwarf, and gnome? And what about classic, monsters like goblins and kobolds. I would buy up bunches of those for my game. 
  • Maybe in the future we can start seeing more of the depth of the D&D monster and character catalog, instead of just the same humans and orcs, with a few extras. Granted, there aren't as many human orc figs as the first series, but we're still missing out on the classics.
Overall, I'm a lot more impressed with wave 2 than I was with the first wave. Now, we (probably) just have to wait till Jan to start seeing these in stores.