May 24, 2008

Did You Know? Taladas and Adlatum

Most of the books and game materials for the Dragonlance setting take place on the content of Ansalon, but the setting officially (as of this post) has two other contents.

Taladas was first detailed in the 1989 product "Time of the Dragon", a Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition box set that detailed a hitherto unknown continent on the planet of Krynn. In the original box set, it mentioned that the people of Ansalon do not know of this new place, but a later novel seems to indicate that the minotaurs are aware of their Taladian "cousins".

Adlatum is another content on Krynn. No information is known about this location, other than various maps of the Ansalonian continent pointing to the direction of this content as well as pointing to the location of Taladas. No novels or other game products make mention of this place so it's not known how much the Ansalon population knows about this other content.