May 5, 2008

Useful DM Links - WotC Generators

Hidden away in the bowels of the WotC website are a great collection of tools and generators for DMs. It's a shame that they haven't been supporting these kinds of products for awhile now, long before the announcement of 4th edition. I think they really dropped the ball on the chance to build great loyalty among DMs with these time saving devices. Now one argument is that DMs only represent 1/6th of the game audience (the other 5/6ths being players), but the amount of financial investment a DM has (DM guide, campaign setting books, splat books, etc) is significantly greater than a player (PHB, PHB2, and maybe a few of the splat books) and therefore they represent a much larger financial share of the audience. Also a DM has the power to influence some players away from one game to another simply by running one game over another.

OK... the rant is over...

Anyway, here's the archive page of the tools WotC has on it's site, including name and background generators as well as one for a tavern (including tavern name, clientele, rumors and even menu), adventure hooks, and one that details the contents of crates, barrels, and sacks -- in short a great collection of tools that can add just a little bit of detail with only a few clicks!

I'm not sure how long these versions will remain on the website. I suspect that when 4e gets fully underway, a lot of the older stuff will be retired. Until then... generate away!