Sep 16, 2009

Blackwater Keep: Sleeping on the Job (part 3)

The battle with the jarak-sinn who had confronted the party right after the Harpy attack, didn't last long. While the party defeated most of the attackers, one had managed to get away, escaping deeper into the lair of the jarak-sinn.

Between the two recent fights, everyone was a little bloody and bruised and decided to take refuge in the nearby alcove in the tree-lair, considering it an easily defensible position.

The first few hours were uneventful and the party starting thinking the night might go by without incident, that was not to be... The jarak-sinn, noticing that the most recent patrol hadn't returned and several other tribesmen had gone missing, started to worry about intruders.

DM Note: (Behind the Scenes) Incidentally, the one lizardfolk who had gotten away died before being able to tell the others what exactly had happened, but the dead body was clearly an indication that it wasn't good.
Later that night, Jes and Hunter, while on watch, heard the faint sounds of movement down one of the twisting, turning passages. They waited silently, until the lizardfolk rounded a curve and saw them in the hall. Hunter loosed several arrows while the swampfolk closed in, and Jes was ready to strike the first one he could reach. As the commotion in the hall continued, Theo awoke from all the noise, leaving only Adow asleep.

As Theo joined the battle, another group of jarak-sinn approached from the corridor behind the party. Hunter moved to face these new attackers unleashing arrows, followed up with a bit of magic to try to entangle the lizardfolk in the various branches and roots that line the walls of their lair.

Soon many of the jarak-sinn had fallen under the party's attacks, leaving only one of the larger attackers still standing. It quickly rushed into the safehold the party had been resting in, and with sharp claws poised above the neck of the sleeping mage, threatened in crude common, "you move [and] he dies!"