Sep 2, 2009

When D&D Meets Matel Electronics

If you are like me, and were born in the late sixties or seventies, you probably grew up with one or more of those fabulously simple Mattel hand held games that were nothing more than red blips on a screen (I'll spare everyone my curmudgeonly sounding argument about how we were so imaginative that even red blips could keep us entertained for hours back then while kids today blah, blah, blah).

If you've never seen these before check this YouTube playlist of these games "in action". As you'll see there were versions for baseball, football, basketball, and a whole bunch of others.

ANYWAY... somewhere around that time, Mattel and TSR (before they got bought out by WotC, before WotC got bought out by Hasbro) got together and must have thought that red blips were too much for the D&D community, and came up with a 2 player game featuring only four miniatures--a single treasure chest, one figure for each player and one for the puniest looking dragons, I've ever seen--until that D&D mini for the blue dragon wyrmling came out, not to mention... I'll stop ranting now, just check out this commercial and ask yourself, would you play this game?

One last thing... why do these commercials always have creepy adults in them (like the DM in this commercial I previously posted).