Sep 17, 2009

Dungeons and Dragons: The Soda

I've seen plenty of D&D licensed merch, from comics, to toys, to the Saturday morning cartoons, and even an AD&D beach towel (BTW, if you know of anyone selling said beach towel, contact me, I'm desperately looking for one) but this latest announcement from Jones Soda is most unexpected one I could find.

After looking at the drink titles, I started thinking about a second series of bopttles, but all in a Dragonlance theme, like maybe:

  • Draconian Brew
  • Ansalonian Ginger Ale
  • Toade Sweat (sorry, I just saw Tropic Thunder again, and can't get Booty Sweat out of my mind)
  • Fizban's Fruitpunch
  • Solamnic Soda
and of...
  • Raistlin's Tea
Any ones I've missed? Please leave a comment.